That’s not something you hear most 55 year old women saying, is it? I don’t make new years resolutions, I never have. Mostly I don’t trust myself to keep them and I don’t like to set myself up for failure if I can help it. No one needs that extra pressure. Unless you are of […]


Do a good job. That’s probably some of the best advice you could get, or even give, right? Well, I think so. My brother got me this cool book for Christmas. It’s called “Suggestion” by the Illegal Art collective, and I’m pretty surprised I’ve not heard of it before. It’s right up my street – […]


I’ve been back up North almost 3 weeks now and I’m having a really great time interning at Glad in Durham. Loving the studio and the work that passes through, it’s been really fun being part of the team so far! I’m feeling a lot more inspired lately too – quite looking forward to my […]


An interview I did a few months back has now been published in this month’s Advanced Photoshop magazine (issue 115). I was asked over summer to participate in the packaging design edition, and they’ve chosen my comments on simplicity to feature in “15 tips for perfect print design”. It’s a pretty cool achievement for me […]


We said bye to the last of our childhood pets this past month. It’s around about the same time that Billy died in 2011. They all died on Sundays of July, and all in the order that we got them in. It’s been 6 weeks since Chloe was killed and I know that’s not something […]

…for my website at least. I’m currently working on some updates but hopefully it’ll be back up within the next week. I’d been meaning to give it a bit of a re-jig for a while now and soon it’ll have a selection of my most recent work online. So, I’m back at home now, in […]