It’s no secret that I absolutely hate designing for myself – branding myself that is. I’ve been thinking up ideas in the back of my mind for a while but there was nothing that really got me excited. No matter how hard I try, I’m never happy with how I ‘represent‘ myself.

My task on Monday was to start making decisions and get a logo done. I’d been playing around on and off with different geometric forms for a week or so and promised myself I’d put one day aside to get the pen and pad out and really get something done. Never one to make things easy for myself, I took hours penning up possibilities and eventually decided on one to vectorise.

It’s based on the Penrose triangle, an impossible object first created by a Swedish artist in the 1930s. Mathematician Roger Penrose independently devised and popularised it in the 1950s, describing it as “impossibility in its purest form”.

I wanted to have something I could substitute for my name if needs be, for promotional purposes such as business cards etc. The mark I’ve created consists of the core outline of the Penrose triangle as well as my initials; L, A & T. Hopefully it reflects my interest in lines, patterns and geometric shapes, but also by tackling the ‘impossible triangle‘, I wanted it to represent me as the problem solver that I am.

So now I’m working on finalising my business cards and I keep switching between whether I actually like them or not. Hopefully I’ll get to a stage that I’m content with so I can carry on with some extras. Once I’ve got a style down for the card I want to take the consistency of it to apply to my CV (once that’s written up properly) as well as some sort of portfolio samples. We’ll see how it goes, time is ticking.

Here’s a partially greyscale preview of the logo. I’m still working on colour-ways and such so check back for an update on that! For now, I’m off to do a few last minute preparations for tomorrow’s design stall. Catch you guys later, and as always, comments are appreciated! Deuces.

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  1. This is fckn dope. Ill concept.

  2. Nice post to designers of .
    I Will check on to future update.

  3. Wow, nice work:)

  4. Brilliant logo, well done.

  5. Good concept and delivery


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