It’s been so long! What a busy time we’re all having in final year at Nottingham Trent. Full steam ahead right now. I’ve got quite a few things on the go at the moment. Been working alongside Luke Pearce for a little while now as he perfects the logo for our year-group’s fundraiser at university. I’m also juggling a few of my own projects.

For anyone that doesn’t know, we get to design and pitch our ideas for our degree show exhibition at the end of the year. This includes designing the invites to studios and industry people, as well as the actual environment/space of the exhibition in which we show off all the hard work we’ve been doing throughout our degrees. But before we can afford to carry that out, we need to raise the funds to pay for it. Our target is £10,000.

So, we’ve set up a little brand called Juice, under which we’ll be hosting club nights, creative events within the design community of Nottingham, selling merchandise, etc. etc. We even have a Christmas auction coming up. I urge anyone and everyone to check out our blog and twitter feeds, we’re also on facebook. Every little helps! Whether you come out to our events to support us, or buy some t-shirts and merchandise online – there’ll be an online store up soon. I’ll post some photos at the bottom!

In other news I’m working on my first minor and major of third year – one I’m rebranding New York’s MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) – the idea of rebranding something outdated and trying to make it more relevant. The ideas are there but I’m finding the execution a bit trying right now, harder than I expected. Hopefully I’ll nail it soon. My other project is the actual branding and design of the degree show (as earlier mnetioned!). I’m told my idea is strong but I am finding it hard on my own. I figure if I do it by myself there’s only me to blame for any mistakes… And on the other hand, if it went well, I get full credit for all the hard work. Probably sounds a bit self-indulgent but hey ho, nevermind. I’ll have fun with it once I’ve figured out a bunch of the touch-points.

Dissertation is a killer. I just want to focus on the studio practice, can’t seem to find the time to read and write on anything other than my projects right now. Hopefully that’ll fall into place soon!

Anyhow, back to Juice! Here’s some photos on our progress so far. Below is a photo of me with Paul and Josh, just a fraction of the social committee – showing off a few of the t-shirts we’ll be selling. Ignore my face, I was mid-smile! I can’t wait to fill my wardrobe with Juice t-shirts.

The one Josh is wearing came about from a bit of experimentation with mixing colours the other week with Luke, they seem to be going down quite well!

Some of the colours we’ve been mixing up

Few of the guys in the screen-printing rooms

There’s many more photos on the blog, please check that out. Many of these photos were taken by Luke Pearce, I think his website is currently under construction but check his work out too anyway, he’s a talented guy.

Also here’s an event flyer I did for our upcoming launch party. Anyone in Nottingham I would encourage to come along, it’s gonna be a good night – good music, good drinks and good t-shirts & merchandise!

It’s a double sided flyer so there is more info on the back but it’s all available on our links. Will post some photos when they’re printed!

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Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Great stuff Louise !! I’m always impressed by what you do.

  2. Sounds busy but very interesting. Good work.

  3. Looking good, love the colors. Baseball top is my favorite. How many of those flyers will there be?

    • The baseball tees are amazing Daniel, you’ll have to check out the online shop! Can’t remember how many flyers there were, possibly 2000. ..Or maybe I’ve gotten that completely wrong. Saved a few to photograph though!


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