I swear there’ll be a proper update soon. But for now, just in case, here’s a quick update on some of the smaller things I’ve been working on lately. This probably isn’t even scratching the surface, since a lot as happened since my last post – but I’ll backtrack over a few details if we still exist in 2013!

The following images are all little snapshots from my dribbble account so please ignore the sloppy composition on some of them.

As part of my first minor project at university, in October I started a rebrand of New York’s Metropolitan Transport Authority. I took inspiration from the De Stijl art movement and the grid structure of Manhattan to emphasise the 5 core areas of the company – subway, rail, bus, bridge and tunnel. There is method in the madness but I don’t feel satisfied yet that I’ve managed to portray it clearly to the audience so this may need some re-addressing over Christmas break.

Another little project I was working on was a snow resort for snowboarding and skiing, as well as indoor skateboarding. Ignore the double ‘i’ here, it was just a quick mock up which I hoped would transfer into an animation video.


Here are a couple icon examples for areas within the resort, the typography isn’t properly kerned, nor are the names fully decided but this gives an idea of the kind of thing I’ve been doing for this project. There’s a lot of things I am yet to incorporate.


Something I’ve wanted to do for a while was to incorporate my love of hip hop music within a design piece. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything relating to the genre or even music itself. (I like to forget about the album cover project we did last year, in fact I mostly forget it even existed).

So, here are some of the icons I’ve been working on for some sort of print piece (to be decided). I wanted to capture the characteristics of a number of rappers – I have a long way to go – but it’s been pretty fun and I’m hoping people will enjoy looking at it too. This is just a small snippet of what I hope to achieve. So far, Biggie, Snoop and Tupac are the only ones I’ve digitally worked up, and even then I may re-address them. I do have a number of others sketched out in a messy sketchbook waiting to be worked on.


Here’s a little rebrand idea I started recently, in hopes to work in a website concept and business card designs. I had gotten a few plans down for this but am currently unsure of whether I should proceed – due to a bit of confusion I unknowingly caused.


Finally, something I’ve been working on over the past month. Branding and promotional items for a hair and beauty company. This one has been pretty fun. Nice to take a break from some of the heavier stuff I’ve been working on and I’m glad to say the client is very pleased with the outcome. Maybe I’ll post this one in full some time soon.

I notice there’s a lot of blues and pinks going on in this post! Not sure whether that was intentional or not…

Sorry it’s been a very quick and brief post, I’ll update soon as I can with details of my major project and other little things that have been going on. For now, a merry christmas to everyone and all the best for 2013.

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  1. awesome as always twiz. love the rapper thing you got going on. ice-cube deserves a place on there with his upper lip scowell :)

    • Cheers Matt!! :D Really wanna concentrate on that rap one some more, mocked up a funny Ice Cube one with his scowling eyebrow haha! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;)

  2. It all looks very impressive to me.


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