We’re two weeks into second term at Nottingham Trent now and everything is as busy as ever. Apparently this is our busiest and most stressful term of all? If last term is anything to judge by, I’m ready for a challenge. I’d find it hard to top the stress of October and November.

Hopefully I can update with some of my work soon but for now we have another Juice event coming up. This is the first one of second term and we’ll be returning to Bodega for another great atmosphere. Music from Ellis & King, Bruises, Senbee and more. We’ll have stalls of Juice merchandise and goodies to choose from as well as showcasing some new designs. We’d encourage everyone to come out and support us, what better way to beat the cold than a little alcohol in your veins? It should be a good night. Come join us on Tuesday 22nd January at Bodega, Nottingham.


I’m juggling a few things right now, tweaking a couple things on 2 projects from last term and getting start on a new honey brand for the JKR ┬ástudent competition. I think it’ll be a challenge but once I’ve got my angle on it hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve not done much packaging whilst I’ve been at uni, which is funny since that was one of my main interests before coming here. I’ve also been doing a few things on the side, and of course the dissertation is still looming over my head. I really cannot wait til that’s finished and handed in.

For now check out my Dribbble as always for sneaky peaks at work in progress.

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  1. I’ve just been looking at your Dribble and other pages. Lovely designs. I like them very much.


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I'm a Graphic Designer in Nottingham, originally from South Shields/Newcastle. Check out my blog to see what I get up to!


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