Me again… Just another quick one from the past week. I’ve managed to get one of my rebrand projects up online now. Go check it out if you get a chance. New York’s MTA has been looking a bit outdated for a while now so I looked at simplifying their brand and created an app concept for regular commuters and tourists. You can see them by clicking here, where more information is available.


I’ve also started a new project since my last post – the typeface is no more. I figured it out via a recent conversation – that a typeface really wouldn’t suit what I’m aiming for right now. 5 weeks is probably impossible to complete something like that, that I’d actually be content with anyhow, considering the lack of experience I have in that area.

For now I’m concentrating on branding and packaging. I’ll be repackaging a very well known strong lager. Lets see if I can create a new perception of a product that people have made a firm opinion about. Should be fun. I’ve purposely avoided naming it! More will be revealed later… If I’m happy with it.

We had our portfolio evening at RSA in London last Thursday which went quite well. It was a great opportunity to talk to industry and show off our progress so far. Although a little overwhelming at first, it has definitely been a good experience. It was great to see a bit of London, but also to meet some new people and get some advice/feedback. Good times.


In other news, I’ve had some great comments on my Cosmopollen urban honey project, including a nice article on Trend Hunter which you can be seen here. Lovely stuff. :)

One final note – please go follow @_TheFlock on twitter for updates regarding our degree show at Nottingham Trent University.

Until next time…
Over and out!

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  1. Your work looks very good. I love the honey jars (which I’ve probably said before). Re the phone thingy, I don’t like to be picky but I think the lilac colour is a wee bit pale with the white lettering. It would be difficult to read for someone with poor eyesight.

    • You’re not wrong there, it does however look better on the phone itself rather than as shown here. The text is surprisingly a lot clearer/crisp on an actual phone. Have considered other colours and maybe should re-address this!

  2. The app looks good. A change of plan sounds good too, do what you feel confident about.


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