June 28, 2013


…for my website at least. I’m currently working on some updates but hopefully it’ll be back up within the next week. I’d been meaning to give it a bit of a re-jig for a while now and soon it’ll have a selection of my most recent work online.

So, I’m back at home now, in the beautiful north east of England… and I’m not even sure myself whether that was intended as sarcasm. It’s been an interesting task trying to find space in my old bedroom with practically 3 years worth of new stuff to contend with but I’m just about managing. What can I say, floordrobes are underrated.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying our British summer, from the other side of my window pane, which has been excellent really since there’s still been a lot to figure out before jumping into work. Hopefully the weather perks up once I’m ready to brave the world properly as a graphic design graduate! Who’d have thought 3 years ago I’d be on my way to gaining a degree? All thanks to a messy New Years Eve and a forever gammy knee. If you don’t know that one then it’s probably a story for another time.

Happy Friday.

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  1. Perhaps you should write a post on that NYE comment.


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I'm a Graphic Designer in Nottingham, originally from South Shields/Newcastle. Check out my blog to see what I get up to!




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