We said bye to the last of our childhood pets this past month. It’s around about the same time that Billy died in 2011. They all died on Sundays of July, and all in the order that we got them in. It’s been 6 weeks since Chloe was killed and I know that’s not something I’m ever gonna get over, but I’m trying. It’s still heartbreaking but I’m very slowly managing to replace the horror with happy memories of her, there are certainly a lot to choose from. Poppy died 2 weeks ago now, and although we probably knew it wouldn’t be long, that doesn’t change how sad it is. It’s very surreal being at home now with no pets roaming around. I actually miss not being able to put a drink or meal of my own down without having to watch my back. Things are very boring without them. They’ve seen us through 3 schools, college, university, been there for us through stress and upsets, all our ups and downs, the end of a long day, the start of a lazy day, always. They’re the longest friends I’ve known. And I know I’ll have cats in future, don’t know where, don’t know when but there’s no pet that could replace Billy, Pops or Chloe.

So much has happened over the past few months – too much to possibly even summarise, and this is just a small fraction of things in my head right now. Thank goodness for great friends and family and all of their emotional support.

In other news, I also graduated last month. Here’s a photo montage of my ever-graceful walk, this time on a stage with a bunch of people in funny outfits. I’ve been a bit distracted on the job hunt lately but managed to fit in an internship before graduation with a lovely agency and have since had it extended. Will try some more updates soon.


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  1. very sad to read this especially as a animal lover more so with reading that your pet was killed. that sounds terrible ! the heartbreak felt just goes to show how much happiness they brought you but things will brighten up in time


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